Mounted Shears - Series MSD


Product number: MSD
Product information "Mounted Shears - Series MSD"

MSD Shears

7R / 800R / 1000R / 1500R / 2000R / 2250R / 2500R / 3000R / 4000R / 4500R / 7500R / 9500R

We know it's what's on the ground at the end of the day that counts. That's why LaBounty shears have long been designed and built to maximize performance, longevity and significantly reduce downtime.
LaBounty shears have proven themselves in scrap metal processing, bridge deconstruction, and industrial demolition for decades. Now with InSite as a standard option, shear performance metrics help increase productivity and reduce downtime. Learn more at STANLEYINSITE.COM
  • Patented, Reversible Saber Tip for less maintenance, more uptime, and lower operating cost
  • Wraparound Blades for less wear of parent material to reduce welding and maintenance
  • Heavy Duty Pivot Components contribute to the durability and long life expectancy
  • Speed Valve reduces cycle times by 30% to increase productivity
  • Dual Guide Pucks reduces upper jaw deflection
  • Patented Spin-on Piston is the most durable structure design in the industry with strength to resist pressure spikes for long life
  • Heavy Duty Rotation Group matched to excavator breakout forces to optimize performance and provide 360° powered continuous rotation

MSD Legend Series Shears

A New Legend - Forged In Innovation

The goal was simple – minimize maintenance and increase performance.
The result – maximized productivity and uptime.
We are proud to introduce the Legend Series Mobile shear featuring the new Dual Max™ piercing tip.
  • Dual Max™ Indexable Protection: Less build-up, more uptime. Dual Max is the industry’s only full-protection, indexable, piercing tip.
  • 10% More Force: The new MSD Legend has enhanced jaw geometry resulting in up to 10% more cutting force at the apex compared to prior model.
  • InSite™ Equipped: InSite pulls information from LaBounty shears to provide performance metrics that help increase productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Steadfast Control: the Legend series features 360 degree rotation with improved balance to reduce drift and increase operation stability.
  • Enhanced Lower Jaw: The structure of the lower jaw has been enhanced to be even stronger, and more durable.