STANLEY GR30 - hydraulically driven cut-off machine, Ø 350 mm


Product number: STANLEY GR-30-70101
Product information "STANLEY GR30 - hydraulically driven cut-off machine, Ø 350 mm"
Stanley’s GR30 Grinder embodies the latest product improvements in this tool. The vertical grinder now has the Stanley Dual Spool Selector which allows the tool to be set for either open-center or closed-center systems.
All the screw fasteners are stainless steel. The trigger spool is stainless steel. A trigger lock prevents accidental starting of the grinder.
The integral Stanley HyrevzTM gear motor is manufactured to exacting standards to deliver maximum efficiency.The over-sized motor run-down valve allows the motor to freely run down in speed when the grinder is turned off ensuring that a properly installed wheel will not spin off the spindle.
The built-in reverse-check valve in the handle prevents operating the grinder when reverse-plumbed to the hydraulic system. Preventing reverse operation ensures a long operating life for the hydraulic seals.
The thick, tough layer of foamedplastisol covering the handle transmits very little heat. The foamed plastisol gives a more comfortable grip to the tool.
The cast-in lifting eye is always available, unlike screwed-in lifting rings which may come loose and fall off.
The Stanley dual-spool selector is 
accessable under a seal plug at the rear of the tool. Setting the tool  for open- or closed-center operation is as simple as opening or closing a valve.
The selector is not susceptible to moving under the vibration of use and is completely protected from  accidental or unintentional access. The seal plug also protects the end of the trigger spool and dual-spool selector from water and dirt.
There are two positions available 
for the assist handle to be conveniently placed by the operator. Either
position is at a most comfortable handling position from the valve handle.
The wheel guard is adjustable. By loosening the clamp screw which has an integral toggle handle, the  guard may be rotated to any convenient position.
The grinders can be used with standard grinding wheels and brushes that are rated for at least 6500 rpm and have a hub with 5/8-11UNC straight thread.
  • CAPACITY: 9 in. Wheel on 5/8-11 thrd arbor
  • SPEED: 5600 rpm at 8 gpm (30 l/min)
  • INPUT FLOW RANGE: 7-9 gpm 26-34 l/min
  • INPUT PRESSURE: 1000-2000 psi 70-140 bar
  • WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs. 5.7 kg
  • LENGTH: 8.5 in. 21.6 cm
  • WIDTH: 8.7 in. 22.1 cm
  • HEIGHT: 17.5 in. 44.5 cm
  • MOTOR: Stanley HyrevzTM Gear
  • PORTING: -8 SAE O-ring
  • HOSE WHIPS: Yes, includes Speed Limiter
  • Delivery without disc (please order separately)
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