Nothing equals the impact force of hydraulic breakers. With the best power-to-weight ratio, higher blow energy, and lower noise level than pneumatic breakers, Stanley hydraulic breakers are simply the best choice. Our 70-lb. class breakers deliver roughly the same impact energy as most 90-lb. pneumatic breakers. Internal components are continually bathed in hydraulic oil, providing long tool life with minimal maintenance. Since the hydraulic system is totally enclosed, there is no tool exhaust or oil atomization.
STANLEY BR-45-16801 - Hydraulic demolition hammer, hand-held
Capacity: 25x108 mm (1"x4-1/4") | Hydraulic oil flow input: 26-34 L/min.
Variants from €2,231.00*
STANLEY BR87320 - Hydraulic demolition hammer, hand-held - underwater version
Capacity: 32x152 mm (1-1/4"x6")
Variants from €2,172.00*